The Nonantum Resort offers a number of activity options on-site and nearby for corporate retreats, team outings, reunions and groups. Please call to ask for pricing and packages for the following activities.

The Great Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Participants are provided a set of clues to various locations around the resort and town of Kennebunkport. These locations are “selfie” points, where teams take photos of landmarks with team members in view. This activity can be done completed individually or split up into groups/teams.

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Experience

A beautiful one hour hike through the forest, great salt marsh and beaches of Laudholm Farm. The Farmhouse, built for the President of the Boston & Maine Railroad, is considered a historic gentleman’s farm. There are options to either
take a self guided tour, or tour the property with an experienced guide. Boxed lunches may also be added to the package.

Seashore Trolley Museum

Visit the worlds largest electric railway museum, right here in Kennebunkport. Box lunches may also be added to this activity package.

Resort Facilitated Activities

Puzzle Barter
Time: 45-60 minutes
Group/Team Size: 4 teams of 3-6

Activity: The objective of the activity is to build your puzzle first. Teams compete against each other to complete a broken puzzle, with twists and turns added along the way by the instructor, this high paced activity will test participants bartering and cooperating skills.

Team Building Skills: Teamwork, strategic thinking, time management, decision making, collaboration, critical thinking, bartering, delegation, creativeness.

All Adrift
Time: 30 minutes
Group/Team Size: Teams of 2+

Activity: Teams must be resourceful and strategic when creating a survival kit in a race against the clock.. well a sinking ship in this case.

Team Building Skills: Teamwork, strategic thinking, decision making, collaboration, critical thinking.

Silent Simon Says
Time: 30-45 minutes
Group/Team Size: Teams of 5+ or 1 group

Activity: A well-oiled team operates successfully due to one key component, communication! But what if we remove the most effective form of communication from the equation? Verbal Communication! Teams must get to know each other in several categories and then work together to complete tasks asked by the instructor.

Team Building Skills: Teamwork, communication, strategic thinking, collaboration, creativeness, memorization.

Egg Drop
Time: 30-45 minutes
Group/Team Size: Teams of 3+

Activity: Ever dropped an egg in the kitchen? After this creative game there should be no more cracked eggs. Teams must use their allotted time to design and build a protective structure/device around a raw egg to ensure a safe landing from a sizable drop.

Team Building Skills: Teamwork, creativeness, strategic thinking, time management, collaboration, critical thinking, delegating.

Build a Product
Time: 45-90 minutes
Group/Team Size: Teams of 3+

Activity: Time to get excited about creating a product and marketing it too. Teams will have to come up with a new product, never seen before, and market it to the whole group via an infomercial. Talk about fun and many laughs!

Team Building Skills: Teamwork, strategic thinking, time management, decision making, collaboration, critical thinking, delegation, creativeness.

Additional Activities

Rugosa Lobster Tours

1 to 1.5 hour cruise on a New England lobster boat. Private charters available. Max 24 people.

Pineapple Ketch

Daily 2-hour scenic sails, sunset excursions, and private charters for up to 12 people.

Libreti Rose II

Fishing charters: Join Captain Bruce Herbert on National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna fame for inshore fishing trips for 4-6 people. Two, three or four-hour trips available.

Call 207-432-4349 or visit

In-town Trolley Tours

Narrated sightseeing tours of Kennebunkport departing right from the resort’s front door in season (Memorial Day – Columbus Day), plus private charters.

Call 207-967-3686 or visit

Jillyanna’s Woodfired Cooking School

Offers private pizza parties and cooking classes for 8-10 people in an intimate setting. Parties are held in their lovely, professional home kitchen. Adults 21+ can BYOB.

Call 207-967-4960 or visit

Maine Foodie Tours

Offers private walking tours with a variety of unique tasting experiences including fresh seafood and local ice cream in Kennebunkport and Lower Village.

Call 207-233-7485 or visit

Wine Wise

Offers wine and food walking tours with master sommelier Erica Archer. Discover great restaurants in the Kennebunkport area, taste paired foods, learn a lot about wine, and have fun!

Call 207-619-4630 or visit for details and to book your private party.

Kayak & Bike Rentals

Take a self-guided tour up the Kennebunk River.