Winter Excitement At The Nonantum Resort!

Last Saturday at The Nonantum Resort, some of our student employees were using a room to shoot a film for a school project. As they were leaving, an alarm went off and lights starting flashing! They called General Manager Tina Hewett Gordon, who told them it was a fire alarm and to exit the building at once! Tina then called John Hopkins, our Overnight Innkeeper, and had him come across the street (from the house he lives in) to check the alarm. By the time John came across the street, the Police had arrived and the Fire Department was on their way. When John opened the Front Door, much to his horror, water was pouring through the ceiling in the lobby and on to our beautiful hardwood floor! Yikes! John quickly sprung into action! (How lucky are we to have someone on site 365 days a year?) He let in the Police Department and the Fire Department. They quickly determined that one of the sprinkler heads in our attic had popped off as a result of a little condensation freezing in the pipes. With the warm weather over this past weekend, the ice was forced to go somewhere, and the pipe burst.
We feel very grateful that no one was hurt, and that our friends at The Kennebunkport Police and Fire Departments were there in a jiffy to turn off the deluge of water! Yes, we are going to have to replace beds, wallpaper, and carpet, but it is all doable and we promise that by Opening Day this Spring we will be spit polished and ready to go! Our cracker jack Maintenance Team has been hard at work (including this past Sunday), and cleanup is well under way! Thank you so much to all who made this potential crisis turn into just an inconvenience! Where would we be without all of you?