What Nonantum Managers Do In The Winter Featuring Mark Wozny

Mark Wozny – Bar Manager

Bar Manager Mark Wozny (known as Woz to regulars around here!) has been at The Nonantum for 6 years. Prior to working at The Nonantum he was Bar Manager at Alisson’s Restaurant, also located in Kennebunkport. Woz is an amazing Bar Manager in that he keeps the numbers right in line and also makes sure that our guests have a great time when visiting Heckman’s Pub, Latitude’s Bar and Grill, 95 Ocean or a special event. We feel very fortunate to have him as a member of our staff!

Woz has a year round position so this winter in addition to working on the Heckman’s Expansion (YES! When we open in April, Heckman’s will be bigger and better than ever!) and new drink options, he joins the mighty Maintenance Team and takes on a lot of fussy chores like painting woodwork. We are very fortunate that we are closed in the winters so it gives us time to go room by room, floor by floor and make sure that when we open again in April, everything looks fresh and shiny!

Each winter Woz takes a big trip as he loves Adventure Travel. This year he will go to Italy (where I am guessing he may check out a few wines!) He plans to visit Venice, Florence, Milan, Lake Como and Cinque Terre.

Last year he went to Nepal where he made some new friends!

ImageThe year before he went to Argentina.

ImageWhile he was there he did some ice climbing (he is the person on the right).

ImageThe biggest news of all is that in September Woz’s daughter Melanie is going to have a baby, so he will be a first time grandfather!

ImageWhen not globetrotting, Woz loves to be outside enjoying all the fun Maine has to offer and also enjoys going to the movies, theater and checking out the restaurant scene! The Nonantum will be open again in Mid-April. Stop by for a drink and a few great stories from Mark’s latest traveling escapade! It will be here before we know it!