The Buses Are Coming, The Buses Are Coming!

This time of year many folks say something to me like “You must be relaxing and catching up on your rest now that the busy summer is over”. The truth is, the fall is the busiest season of all!
We have three buses arrive each day. They drop their passengers downtown to do some shopping and then bring the bags down here. Our ace bellmen (who are sometimes ace bartenders, maintenecemen, night auditors etc. – lets face it , most of the bellmen have headed back to school!) deliver the bags to the guests rooms and then the buses head back to town to pick up the passengers. Upon arrival they enjoy a fresh baked cookies and cider reception. (We administrative types are always willing to test the cookies to make sure they are OK for our guests! There is just nothing we won’t do to help out!)
Following a quick nap, the bus passengers come down to the Ballroom and have a magnificent Shore Dinner. For many of the guests it is their first experience with lobster and they are usually very suitably impressed!
Following a good nights rest, breakfast is served at 7AM and the bus is on the road by 8.
That afternoon the process starts all over again! So now you know what happens at The Nonantum Resort from now until the last bus rolls out of town on October 29! (OK. There might be a wedding or two or three thrown in there for good measure as well as Conferences, Parties and just plain overnight guests.) But that is all another story, for another day!