Thank you!

All of us here at The Nonantum feel so incredibly grateful each day when we wake up to yet another glorious morning. This commitment to gratitude impacts everything we do each day. Our Code of Conduct reads (in part) “I will adopt an attitude of gratitude” The reason for that is we have noticed that the more grateful we are, the better each day goes!
As Charles D Kearns PhD noted in the Pepperdine University Graziadio Business Report:
“Gratitude is not just a “feel good” emotion when it comes to organizational life. It can benefit an organization in many ways. When an employee believes his or her superiors are grateful for his or her work, the employee will benefit by having an improved sense of worth to the organization. This improved sense of worth can lead to performance improvement, thereby benefiting the organization. Further, the person expressing gratitude benefits from that expression, which also may positively impact the organization. For instance, research has shown that persons who are genuinely grateful may be more optimistic, experience improved health, and perhaps even have extended life spans. All of these benefits also potentially benefit the organization for which that person works.”
One thing we notice at The Nonantum is that the nicer we are to each other, the nicer we are to our customers! Naturally that makes for happier customers, which in turn makes our staff enjoy their jobs that much more.
Such a simple thing, yet one that way to many businesses ignore! So the next day you go to work, thank you co workers. Look for ways to show your gratitude. It is the best way to have others show their appreciation to you!