The Best Souvenir Shops in Kennebunkport Maine

Photo of a Person Outside Several Shops in Kennebunkport Maine

Merriam Webster defines souvenir as “something kept as a reminder of a place one has visited.” When you have a trip as great as your stay at The Nonantum Resort, you have to make sure your souvenir levels up. Some travelers like to collect the same type of item from each vacation destination, such as shot glasses or mugs. Others keep their eyes peeled for something more niche, like a locally-made artwork or pottery. Whether you like to go the traditional route or unconventional, we’ve rounded up the best places to snag your souvenir. Check out these souvenir shops in Kennebunkport Maine to find your perfect take-home item to commemorate your time at The Nonantum Resort

Visiting Shops in Kennebunkport Maine 

Most of the shopping in Kennebunkport Maine is located in Dock Square and on Western Avenue. The cluster of shops is near to and straddles the Kennebunk River. This means you can be extra choosy about your souvenir from the walkable neighborhood. Pick the perfect seaside gift to commemorate your trip to Maine. 

Blue Whale Trading Company 

You’re always whalecome at Blue Whale Trading Company—and they’ve got a pillow to prove it. Other home decor items include lobster ornaments and driftwood tables that make your home feel a little more like Maine.

Daytrip Society

One of the biggest retail shops in Kennebunkport Maine offers apparel, home decor, paper goods, games, travel gear, and more. Specifically, Daytrip Society shows its Kennebunkport pride with t-shirts, sailor’s knot coaster sets, and items for beach days and it’s namesake—day tripping.

Saxony Imports 

Get your classic destination crewnecks and mugs at Saxony Imports. The shop also sells Bush family-themed souvenirs, as Walker’s Point is a popular attraction in the area. The mini wooden lobster trap would make a unique display item for your desk at work. 

The Whimsy Shop

If you like to commemorate your trips visually, The Whimsy Shop sells dozens of prints highlighting the beauty of Maine lighthouses, sailboats, beaches, and snowy scenes. Don’t forget about the other elegant home decor items, either.  

Best of Everything

Although this shop has locations across the country, the Best of Everything in Kennebunkport is the only one in New England. Find seasonal gifts, like Halloween trinket dishes with quippy sayings like “be my boo” and “trick or treat yourself.” 

Kennebunkport Lodging 

In addition to the shops in Dock Square, Nonantum Resort has its own gift shop that you cannot miss. Because of its commitment to sourcing 80 percent of its goods from New England and Maine distributors, you’re sure to find something completely unique to your vacation to Maine. Locally made cheeseboards, Kennebunkport history books, and Nonantum Resort merchandise are just a few examples from the selection we have. Make sure to check the hours to the Gift Shop on our Facebook page before you drop in.

Spend an afternoon leisurely picking out a souvenir that represents your time spent at the Nonantum Resort from the shops in Kennebunkport Maine and from our Gift Shop. To find out what other kinds of shopping in Kennebunkport Maine you can do, visit us on our website or give us a call at 888-205-1555.