So What Do You Guys Do All Winter Anyway?

During the winter, everywhere I go it seems that people are asking how I keep myself occupied during the winter months. (There is a slight variation to this question that reads “So you must love having all this time off!”) Well the truth of the matter is that winters are just as busy as summers at The Nonantum. They are just a different kind of busy!
December is one crazy month for us. We head in to Prelude ( with The Don Campbell Christmas Concerts, lots of parties, Christmas Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus and then close with a bang with our Fire and Ice Event. From there we go straight in to close down mode. Pipes are drained in all but one little corner of the building, heat is turned off, decorations are stored and the Nonantum is put into mothballs for another season. We all take a short well-deserved break from Christmas to New Years (with the exception of Tim in the Sales Office – a lot of folks get engaged on Christmas and want to plan their wedding NOW!) , Jeff and Bill in maintainance (maintenance on at 130 year old building never sleeps!) and John our overnight innkeeper (who lives at the property year round keeping an eye on things 24/7/365. What would we do with out him?!)
When the rest of us come back in the new year, lots of planning, budgeting, visioning and thinking goes on in the administrative offices. Truly we are so crazed for a good portion of the season, we do not have time to get to those ever growing piles on our respective desks. Over due thank you notes are written, Trade Journals are read, new ideas for the next season are kicked around and employee reviews take place.
Meanwhile, many members of our team are kept busy with our project of the year. Each year we plan a large winter project. We take our role as stewards of this beautiful property very seriously and as such we know we have to put money in to updating each and every year. Some years this project involves fun things like redecorating. Some years they involve things like rewiring. With a property of this age it is always something! Think of it like updating your house on steroids. 111 bedrooms! The need for changes never ends!
Before we know it, the snow is melting, the birds are singing and it is still light on my drive home at 7pm. And that is when it is time for our guests to start to arrive. We can’t wait! Another year has flown by!