So Long Labor Day!

Well it is hard to imagine but the kids have gone back to school and things have slowed down (just a little) here at The Nonantum! Many families with small children are in house as well as those fortunate enough to be able to travel during the week.
This week we host a couple of different business groups, we we will each week right through November. Weekends still have glorious weddings and we have a few family weekender groups mixed in for good measure.
Before we know it the leaves will change, and another busy leaf peeper season will be upon us. The time just seems to go by faster and faster.
Today we met to talk about what our winter projects will be. As we are closed from Dec 15-April 15 (or there abouts) we always do something big maintence wise over the winter.
With a 127 year old property there always seems to be something that needs tending to!