One Innkeeper, One General Manager, One Triathlon

As the Innkeeper at the Nonantum I find my summers to be pretty wild and crazy. I am lucky enough to share my office with our General Manager and good friend Tina Hewett-Gordon and she shares my constant need to do the impossible. In fact, she sets the standard on doing impossible tasks and making them look not only easy, but fun! (For some reason Huckleberry Finn is coming to mind…)
Anyway, because clearly we do not have enough to do in the summer, we have signed up to do the Tri For A Cure Triathlon in July. Yes. You read that right. The two of us are taking on The Tri because well, umm, well because we need a challenge? (yes. that’s it!)
To be clear, we both have had far too many friends and family members who have succumbed to cancer at  much too young an age. This event will raise around a million dollars in one day. All this money will stay in Maine and go towards research for the cure. That concept is pretty motivational to both of us. (We are going to be re-reading this paragraph this summer on an hourly basis!)
Tina started her training this past weekend and these are her thoughts:
“I am psyched about this Triathalon– so on Sunday I rode my bike to the hotel, went for a 3 mile run and then rode my bike back home and instead of feeling refreshed and energized all I could think of was – I’m going to die – I have to add swimming to this equations?!  What has Jean gotten me into?!  So with exactly 17 weeks til T –day – I better get training~!”
My own thoughts have been more like “What the h#^$ was I thinking? I ran on the treadmill this morning and thought it was the hardest physical challenge of my life. Am I crazy? I have got to pick up the pace in a big way if I am going to complete this race”!
So it would appear that once again we have our work cut out for us! If you see a couple of blondes wandering aimlessly down Ocean Ave in an apparent exercise induced haze, do not be concerned. It is just One Innkeeper, One General Manager and One Triathlon. Stay tuned for further updates complete with pictures and fundraising developments!