Nonantum News Weekly #1

Philanthropist of the Week

Example of the masks made by Ms. Angela Gendron

At a Kennebunkport Resort, the Nonantum, Assistant Housekeeping Manager, Angela Gendron, has been working tirelessly to create masks to donate to the hospital. The average time to create one mask from start to finish is roughly 45 minutes. In order to create more masks faster, what once was just Angela Gendron working, has now turned into a family affair with her sister and father helping cut materials, arguably the most tedious and time-consuming part, before Angela sews them. Due to so many people making masks and other projects at this time, the materials needed to make masks as directed in many patterns is truly a challenge to find. This has not deterred Angela. She has simply begun to adapt patterns in order to be more efficient and more creative with the materials she can find. The Nonantum is proud of each member our family, and especially Angela Gendron for her thoughtful, selfless determination to help and
support others!

Let’s Celebrate!

Rebecca A. and family welcomed a new baby boy and Meagan A. and family a new baby girl into their lives! Congratulations!

Happy Birthday to Deborah L., Oliver W., and Emily C.. May you have a wonderful year ahead!

Christine P. and Leslie M. are both expecting a new addition to their families! We wish you both joy!

Bill Y. is a new homeowner! Congratulations!

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Historical Snapshot

This week’s historical snapshot has recently had a change in color! The lighthouse, that is as much part of the Nonantum Resort as the Kennebunk River running behind the hotel, has always been connected to the Nonantum; although it was created for a different purpose. The lighthouse that has been part of many weddings, receptions, and family photos was originally created by Frederick and Bill Towne as part of a  carnival held in Kennebunkport and then used for an advertisement campaign for Guay’s Sunoco in the early 1930’s. The lighthouse was then bought and moved to  where it now stands just a few years later. The lighthouse that originally glowed red and white for the carnival and white after its move to the Nonantum now glows blue as a show of gratitude to the medical personnel and essential workers who are risking their safety, as well as their families’, to support all of us. Like this almost 100-year-old lighthouse, together we will thrive. Thank you once more to those workers.


The only known photo of the lighthouse when it was at Guay’s Sunoco

Staff Spotlight

Photo above shows Corine Baker at the 2020 Mardi Gras Festivities

The staff spotlight of the week is Corine Baker! Corine Baker is a dedicated member of the Nonantum’s Housekeeping team, and has been for the last 13 seasons. Corine not only comes into work each and every day with a smile, and a positive ‘let’s do this’ attitude, but she lives the Nonantum values (family, integrity, and respect) out in her every day life. Corine makes it a point to get to know all guests as extended family and not just ‘guests’. Corine goes out of her way to make the guests feel at home by taking the time to learn their preferences, going as far as getting one returning guest their preferred type of coffee for the Keurig machine in their room before they even arrive. Ms. Baker keeps in touch with multiple guests during the off season, checking in to make sure they’re well. This is something that means more this year than ever before. Thank you Corine Baker for showing us that the Nonantum Resort is, at its heart and soul, a Maine family resort.

What do do?

Nonantum family dogs, Aries & Gawain, on hike of the Bridal Path.

For this week’s activity highlight we’re going to take a hike along the Bridle Path that begins at Kennebunk’s Sea Road School and follows the Mousam River until it meets the sea. This lightly trafficked trail is a local gem with every stretch having a scenic view just waiting to be photographed. This down and back path is roughly 6 miles, but is a great path for beginner hikers, avid walkers, or joggers, and ends within sight of beautiful Mother’s Beach, making the effort well worth it. This family friendly trail is a great way to get out and see the Southern Maine waterways and coast without having to take much of a drive. With that said, the only thing left to say is, see you on the trails!

Nonantum Resort Update

  • Nonantum’s Marketing Director, Rob Labelle

    General Manager, Tina Gordon, and Marketing Director, Rob Labelle, joint a task force working to reopen Kennebunkport safely with up-to-date COVID-19 health and safety policies and practices. This is now known as the Kennebunkport Promise- Check it out!

  • The Nonantum Resort intends to open in June for Maine residents only.
  • Check out our completely redone website!