Meet Our Staff: Pete Bowlin

peteMeet one of our chefs, Pete! This past year marked his fifth season in the Nonantum kitchen. Pete is a native Mainer, who actually received all of his training and began showcasing his dishes and talent in Las Vegas. Pete and his wife Lynda – whom you might see working in our dining room – returned to Maine about ten years ago.
Pete said, “Our new Executive Chef, Steve, is an incredible role model for all of us in the kitchen. He keeps us all calm with his demeanor and is eager and excited for all of us to learn.”
We think Pete is the real inspiration here. In the fall, Pete was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation. Through it all, Pete maintained his positive spirit and, once his weeks of treatment were finished, we were amazed and glad to welcome him back with our kitchen crew for Christmas Prelude.

Chef Pete (picture right) with Chef Jeff
Do you do the cooking at home? “Yes, I do 95 percent of the cooking at home!”

What is your favorite meal to make and what’s your favorite to eat?
“Well, I’d have to say that I enjoy a really good lasagna.”

Where would you travel to expand your cookbook?
“I don’t know if it would expand my cookbook, but I really enjoy cooking in the Caribbean barefoot in the sand, which I’m really looking forward to this winter.”

Pete’s wife, Lynda, at Prelude
What’s the most interesting thing about you? “Skiing—I love to ski and really enjoy the West Coast—my favorite mountain is Alta in Utah.”

Who inspires you?
“The staff at the Nonantum inspires me to  be the best chef I can be every day. And we have a top notch Executive Chef who we all admire and desire to learn from.”