A Kennebunkport Stay To Remember

best resorts in maineWhere the water meets land, rests a quaint corner of Maine, ready to welcome guests with authentic Kennebunkport charm. The Nonantum Resort sits on the shores of Kennebunkport, Maine and proudly holds the historic beauty of the area. Each waterfront cottage, delicious meal served, and incredible event at Nonantum Resort just proves why we are one of the best Resorts in Maine.

The Accommodations
When you arrive at The Nonantum Resort, you will be greeted by adorable waterfront view buildings that remain true to the area. With the region known for beautiful beaches and rocky shores, each accommodation is designed with a taste of seaside charm. You will be surrounded by blues and tans to bring the essence of the flowing waters indoors. The Carriage House Inn is an original piece of the resort that was built back in 1883 and stands proudly overlooking the property. The Portside Lodge offers beautiful waterfront views as it boasts a seaside summer cottage feel. You cannot go wrong with either of these Kennebunkport accommodations.

The Food
What best resorts in mainewould a resort be without delectable dining that everyone can enjoy? At The Nonantum Resort’s, 95 Ocean, there is fresh seafood nearby for some of the best lobster in the Kennebunkport area. With a marvelous sea-inspired menu, you will be able to find a wide variety of fresh and locally harvested produce, proteins, and fish. At Heckman’s Pub, you will be able to indulge in brews and wines to quench any thirst. You can come in just for a drink or for a casual pub-style meal that will leave your taste buds watering.

The Venues
Kennebunkport, Maine is a beautiful corner of the world, so naturally, it creates the perfect area for hosting memorable events. From conferences, team outings, and family reunions in the meeting and event space, to gorgeous shoreside weddings along the coast. You will be able to find the perfect venue area here for any occasion.

So what are you waiting for? Come and discover this adorable area of Kennebunkport, Maine and soak in the beauty of The Nonantum Resort. As one of the best resorts in Maine, we welcome you to discover it all for yourself! Call us at 888-205-1555 or visit our website to learn more and begin planning your own Maine getaway.