Kennebunkport- Discover The Arts

KennebunkportAs long as humans have existed, we have found ways to create and tell our stories through art. Bringing cultures together, passing down techniques, and building movements of inspiration through all forms of art. When you visit Kennebunkport for a stay with us at The Nonantum Resort, discover the vast array of art that reflects our rich history and coastal culture!

Art Meets History

From the moment people figured out how to make markings on a cave wall, we have illustrated our history. During your Kennebunkport getaway, there are a few places where you can see the art and history of our area and America. The Ogunquit Museum of American Art is full of new and old pieces that will take you through time to see what the country looked through the eyes of those who lived during the various stages of America’s growth. From recent interpretations to works from artists who lived during the very birth of our Nation, this museum is full of intriguing finds. Brick Store Museum and Strawberry Banke Museum hone in on the historical aspect with exhibits of ancient artifacts as well as live performances to share the history interactively. Take a tour or check out one of their many events for an exceptional historical experience paired with artistic interpretations.

KennebunkportGet Inspired in Kennebunkport

There is no shortage of art as you explore the Kennebunkport area. From the architecture of The Carriage House Inn at Nonantum to the galleries dotting the streets, there is art around every corner. Ocean-inspired and contemporary creations can be found at Maine Art Hill, where you will see the works of local artists and experience their world through the images on display. If you wish to explore beyond Kennebunkport, we recommend a short drive north to the Portland Museum of Art. Exhibits and special collections are regularly rotated so there is always something new and exciting to discover adorning the walls.

An Artistic Getaway with The Nonantum Resort

There are many other museums, galleries, and studios, so be sure to take a day of your vacation at The Nonantum Resort to discover them all. Build an itinerary full of beachfront activities, artistic experiences, and historical fun. Kennebunkport is home to many different family activities to enjoy with the kids and Maine beaches that are just waiting to be explored. Experience it all with an artistic and historical getaway to The Nonantum Resort!