The Importance of Board Service

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Jean Ginn Marvin presenting an award to an industry colleague at the Maine Innkeepers conference
By Jean Ginn Marvin, Innkeeper
One of the best part of my job at The Nonantum is that I am afforded the opportunity to be involved with several area Boards. The only reason this is possible is we have a phenomenal management team that are more than capable of keeping the Good Ship Nonantum on course while I am gone!
Volunteering in our community has given me the opportunity to meet many fascinating folks and I have learned something from every one of them. Right now I am the Vice Chair of the Maine Community College system board and we are doing a national search for a new President. It is an experience I would never have had in my day to day life at The Nonantum.
Recently I finished a term as the President of New England Inns and Resorts Association. This group was in the process of creating a new website. I was so impressed with the group NEIRA chose (Mondo Mediaworks) I forwarded their name to our Director of Marketing, Nicki Bean, and she selected them to do our website as well! We have heard nothing but rave reviews on our new website! (Hope you like it).
Now I have officially been voted in as Chair of the Maine Innkeepers Association. I am especially excited about this assignment as our General Manager Tina Hewett-Gordon is currently the Chair of the Maine Restaurant Association Board. This opportunity for the two of us to put our fingerprints on the new roadmap these two groups are in the process of creating promises to be a huge challenge but one I believe the two of us are uniquely equipped to handle. We are very excited to get to work on this new project!
People often ask why I would want to spend so much time, energy and resources volunteering. I always respond that what I have gained from these experiences far outweighs anything I have given.
Jean was elected Chair of the Maine Innkeepers Association for 2016 at their annual meeting in November. “We are very much looking forward to working with Jean as our chair,” said Greg Dugal, President of MeIA. “Her experience in the hospitality industry, her service in the Maine State Legislature, and her participation on many Boards and Commissions makes her the perfect fit for our volunteer leader in these changing times.”