How To Get A Summer Job In Kennebunkport

It is spring break here in Kennebunkport, Maine and parents of teens are uttering those words kids hate to hear “Go and get a summer job this week!” If you are one of those kids with parents breathing down your neck to come up with a summer in Kennebunkport plan, I have some tips that will help make the rest of your vacation a whole lot more fun!
First of all, I suggest you think about what you might be interested in! Don’t apply because your friend did. Apply because you actually might want to work there! It will make your summer much more tolerable! There really are lots of options. Be creative!
Give some thought as to what you can add to the potential summer employers talent pool! Are you great at organizing? Do you speak French? Are you a pro at Facebook? Let people know because it will make your application stand out among the crowd!
Another question to consider is whether or not you can work during school, or during just summer vacation. For example, we are a seasonal property that opens April 15th and we close December 15th. If a student comes in who is willing to work a shift or two a week from now until December, in addition to during the summer, their application goes to the top of the pile! Anything you can think of that makes you more valuable to the place you are applying should be emphasized!
If you know someone who works at the place you are applying to, by all means contact them and ask what some of the great things about working there are and what the best way to get your foot in the door might be! For example, if they only take applications on-line like we do here at The Nonantum Resort, follow that protocol. Don’t just show up and ask “Are you hiring?” It makes you look like you haven’t done your homework (because you haven’t!)
Fill out the application completely. Check your spelling. This is a place to tell us about any of those special talents! If you know someone who works there, feel free to mention it in the notes field. 
If you are lucky enough to get an interview, be a few minutes early. Check out the website of the company before you go and think of a couple of questions you would like to ask. Dress neatly. Be polite. After the interview, write a short handwritten note to the person who interviewed you and send it that very day. Tell them how much you enjoyed meeting them and that you would love to work there.
A few things not to do: Have your parents call to find out about available jobs, stop in to get you an application, or do a follow-up phone call for you. We are hiring you, not your parents, so please come and see us yourself. We interview lots of kids your age, and we will help you with the process. You will be nervous. We will help!
One last bit of advice, next year please start looking a little earlier! At The Nonantum we have completed our hiring for the season. We still take applications and keep them on file because some students end up doing something else at the last-minute or not working out, but pretty much our staff is set. There are still lots of “help wanted” signs around Kennebunkport though, so get out and start pounding the pavement! Hopefully be the end of the week, you will be among the ranks of the employed!