5 Tips For Traveling With Your Kids

1.) Keep your children entertained: DVDs and Barbies aren’t going to keep your kids busy for as long as you think. Make an effort to stay at a hotel that boasts an extensive kid’s program. The Nonantum has an action-packed schedule every day to keep everyone from toddlers to teens happy. Activities range from Parachute Party for Parents and Tots to pickup basketball. Twice a week, parents are invited to leave their kids in our hands for Princess and Pirate Night or Rodeo Night!
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2.) Don’t stress: If you accidentally leave something at home, don’t fret about it. If the service in your restaurant is a little slow, take a deep breath and remember that the kitchen is working as hard as they can. When you get stressed, your kids get overwhelmed, which could lead to bickering. You are on vacation! Let go of all of your worries and just relax. Appreciate the fact that you do not have to rush!
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3.) Dine at restaurants with kids’ menus: Hungry people are grumpy people (or maybe that’s just me!). Kids are creatures of habit, and most of the ones I know don’t like to try new foods. Check to see if the restaurants you’re going to have options for your kids so that they’re satisfied and energized for all the fun that you have planned!
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4.) Take lots of photos: Even a series of iPhone photos are sure to have you reminiscing on your vacation. Have the best photos printed at a local drug or department store so you have some great prints waiting when you return home. My husband and I cherish every memento from the family vacations we took years ago. Our three children are all in their 20s and living on their own, so it is nice to be able to look back on the amazing adventures we had together, especially since we are rarely all together anymore. When you get home, have scrapbook supplies ready to go with the photos you have had printed for instant memories builders!
5.) Enjoy your time together: Kids grow up in a blink of an eye. Every moment spent with them is sacred, and togetherness should never be wasted. Arguing over what activity to do that day is sure to put a damper on your trip. Be open minded, and willing to do anything during the day, as long as you are all together. Let each child have a chance to pick out a special activity. At The Nonantum, we encourage families to spend as much time together as possible by hosting Family Movie night and Family Campfire/S’Mores Night multiple times per week. Nothing is better than kicking back with your family, under the Maine summer sky.