Nonantum (no/nan/tum). The name itself comes from a Native American word meaning ‘blessing’ or ‘prayer’, but has become synonymous with ‘family’. Originally opened on July 4th, 1884, The Nonantum’s 28 original rooms and 10 original staff have grown, and with the hotel’s growth, the Nonantum’s vision has also grown. The family- owned and run Nonantum is proud to be a dedicated member of the community, supporting multiple causes and initiatives in the Southern Maine area, with staff members sitting on multiple local and state boards, and participating in events state-wide to support causes close to heart of The Nonantum. The heart that beats at the center of The Nonantum begins with the Ginn Family, the devoted owners since 1994, and continues outward through their staff, to their guests. The passion for family, coupled with the unshakable values of the Nonantum, and Maine itself, pushes The Nonantum to be constantly evolving and improving to give our guests, property, and staff the experience and treatment that each deserves.


Chronological History of the Resort


Ground Breaking on a site believed to be a trading center where native Americans traded with early settlers. The word Nonantum is from the Native American Algonquian word meaning blessing or pray.


The original Inn opened on July 4th with 28 rooms and 10 staff members.


Additional land purchased to expand the resorts waterfront area.


A small addition was built and alterations were done to the dining room.


The front Piazza was added to the Inn.


The rear wing was added on to the Inn.


The outdoor pool is built and filled with salt water.


The front Wicker Wing was added to the Carriage House.


The Portside Lodge was built and dramatically increased the number of rooms at the resort.


The resort gets a new pool.


Complete renovation of the kitchen.


All of the Rooms in the Portside Lodge are redecorated with summer cottage furniture.


The Dominion Ballroom gets a new look and all of the bathrooms in the Carriage House Inn are renovated and updated.


The marina is rebuilt. Resort wide WiFi is added. 123rd season is our longest season ever – opening of April 16th and closing on December 17th.


Nonantum Resort celebrates its 125th Anniversary and Heckman’s Pub opens.


Latitudes Bar and Grill opens by the pool.


All Portside rooms (excluding Green Rooms) receive a complete renovation that include bamboo hardwood flooring, Cuddledown® bedding, and artwork provided by local artists.


Complete redesign and renovation of 95 Ocean. Transitioned from a patio to a fully enclosed, four-season dining room and event space. Also full renovation of 20 Guest Rooms in Portside Lodge.


Restyling of Main Lobby in Carriage House Inn. Brand new furniture, creating a new style and overall welcome experience. Full renovation of 20 Guest Rooms in Carriage House Inn.


Front Porch space glassed-in and newly renovated. Completed installation of all new mini split AC/heating units in all 109 guestrooms.


Brand new elevator and staircase added to the historic Carriage House Inn. New Ballroom hardwood floors. Expanded/enhanced water view function space.


Complete kitchen renovation took place after we shut down for the winter in 2016. We re-opened for the 2017 season with a sparkling new kitchen that served a wedding of 225 people


Our staff house was completely rebuilt on its existing foundation in order to house 8 staff members and interns as well as offices for our HR Department.


Complete renovation of 39 bathrooms throughout Carriage House and Portside.


Latitudes, our outdoor bar and grill, receives a renovation including the addition of a rooftop deck. This deck offers additional seating with sweeping views of the Kennebunk River.